2023 Chapter Awards Information
The Chapter’s Awards Program was established to recognize outstanding individuals, groups, programs and projects representing the very best in the public works profession. What a great way to recognize and motivate your star employees! The North Carolina Chapter has numerous awards, nominations opportunities are always being announced.

Awards NOT Requiring APWA Membership

Awards Requiring APWA Membership

The North Carolina Chapter Awards are open for nominations and all documentation are listed, simply click on the award name in the text above. If you have questions concerning one of the Chapter awards or you are interested in serving on the Awards Committee, feel free to contact Mike MacIntyre, mmacintyre@huntersville.org, for additional information.


2023 APWA Awards Information

Please click the APWA Awards link to see what types of awards are open to our members. Keep in mind that almost all the National award applications are due into National on March 1, 2023. An exception to this date is the Excellence in Snow and Ice Control Award, which will be due in December for 2024. The North Carolina Chapter itself has received the APWA PACE Award numerous times.



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