As many of you are aware, the Federal Government enacted these two historic federal laws in March and November 2021. These two laws are providing unprecedented levels of funding to state and local governments. They both are now in the guidance development/administration phase, through multiple federal departments including US Treasury, US EPA, and USDOT/FHWA This administrative process to allocate these funds and provide guidance in compliance with the myriad requirements at the federal and state levels is complex and continues to evolve.

Our Chapter owes a tremendous debt of gratitude for the work of APWA, NC League, the UNC School of Government, the Association of County Commissioners, for their ongoing efforts to inform local governments on how these funds will benefit their citizens, and as importantly, how to access these funds for their communities. A special thanks to Erin Wynia, and Andrea Eales for their invaluable assistance and insight in this effort. Please refer to the linked resource document with multiple links to various federal and state agencies and organizations including APWA, the NC League, UNC School of Government and others.

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