The ROADeo is a chance for participants across the state to test their skills by maneuvering machinery through specific obstacle courses. Participants will demonstrate the skills it takes to perform the daily internal operations of the Public Works Departments throughout the state, and to have the opportunity to network with other public agencies on techniques and how to better serve the City, County, or State Agency they represent. Winners of the event then go to compete on a national level.


How to Participate

Each municipality that would like to participate should hold their own ROADeo competition and send us their top two operators in backhoe and mini ex to compete. Please do not send more than two operators per category.

Click Here for Information on the 2024 APWA-NC ROADeo!

Have any questions? Email Earl Manning at!


2022 National ROADeo Video

2023 APWA-NC ROADeo Photos

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