Year Name Organization During Term
2020 Robby Stone City of High Point
2019 Eddie Staley Withers Ravenel
2018 Ken Martin SEPI Engineering & Construction Inc
2017 Barry Lowry Town of Chapel Hill
2016 CJ O’Neill Town of Matthews
2015 Scott Whalen W. K. Dickson
2014 Russell Byrd City of Winston-Salem
2013 James Martin NC State University
2012 Brian Dehler WSP
2011 Keith Pugh City of High Point
2010 Gary Smith City of High Point
2009 Mark Combs City of Asheville
2008 Chris Thompson City of High Point
2007 Leila Goodwin Town of Cary
2006 Jeb Blackwell City of Charlotte
2005 S. Frank Wyatt City of Greensboro
2004 Blair Thompson City of Burlington
2003 Malcolm Lewis City of Winston Salem
2002 David Meachum City of Charlotte
2001 S. Dale James City of Greensboro
2000 Flip Bombardier City of Gastonia
1999 Larry M. Johnson City of Charlotte
1998 Matthew Jordan City of Gastonia
1997 Elizabeth Treadway City of Greensboro
1996 Jim Humphrey City of Charlotte
1995 Steve Kennedy City of Greensboro
1994 John D. Cannon City of Morganton
1993 Terry D. Cornett City of Winston Salem
1992 Don Carmichael City of Gastonia
1991 Mike Dawkins City of Greensboro
1990 Ed Sizer City of Charlotte
1989 Rebecca R. McBride City of Winston Salem
1988 Ken Wright City of Durham
1987 Gene Kimel City of Greensboro
1986 Robert K. Seals City of Charlotte
1985 T. Clark Brown City of Asheville
1984 Robert Mitchell City of Durham
1983 Michael C. Cronk City of Morganton
1982 Larry B. Thomas City of Sanford
1981 Clark Readling City of Charlotte
1980 Pat Swann City of Winston Salem
1979 Mayo Allen City of Greenville
1978 John Fox City of Greensboro
1977 Samuel Wilkins City of Gastonia
1976 Robert S. Hopson City of Charlotte
1975 Gary Garlow City of Rocky Mount
1974 Wayne Nall City of Greensboro
1973 Charles Southerland City of Greensboro
1972 James Settlemyre City of Morganton
1971 Carl Wills City of High Point
1970 Cedric Boyd City of New Bern
1969 Joe Berrier City of Winston Salem
1968 Lex E. Honeycutt City of Wilson
1967 Leon C. Cheek, Jr. City of Charlotte
1966 T. R. Morris, Jr.
1965 Tom Z. Osborne City of Greensboro
1964 C. K. Beaty City of Greenville
1963 W. M. Garrison City of Burlington
1962 Robert Coleman City of Wilmington
1961 R. W. Neilson City of Winston Salem
1960 High L. Medford City of Greensboro
1959 Vernon Peebles City of Raleigh
1958 H.W. Kueffner City of Durham
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